What is Box Bike Helsinki?

“Box Bike” or cargo bike is a usually a two- or three-, sometimes even four-wheeled bicycle designed to carry small children, packages or other cargo. Cargo bikes are even used as mobile cafes by street vendors.

Box Bike Helsinki is The Finnish Nature League Uusimaa District's (later Nature League for short) brand new, cargo bike themed environmental education project for 13-20-year-olds living in Finlands capitol, Helsinki. Groups of teenagers can apply to win the possibility to design and build a unique cargo bike that suits their specific day-to-day needs. We will also teach them how to commute responsibly in the streets of Helsinki, and show them how to maintain and repair their own bikes.

Today, cargo bikes are designed and marketed to families with children, delivery companies or coffee entrepreneurs. We believe we are the world's first project to associate cargo bikes with young urban teenagers point of view in mind. That is why we give our team a blank canvas to make this bike their very own.

So, How do i apply?!

Gather a group of 5-8 members, preferably all sexes presented, and send us an application. You choose the format. You can either send a letter to our post address, or email us a a file or link to a video, animation or a presentation. The format is not relevant in this competition. What matters is how you present yourselves and show us your enthusiasm. Tell us why you stand out from all the other teams and applications.

To be honest, we are already extremely anxious to meet you, the winning team. We are dying to hear your inspiring ideas and solutions for the build, which we're sure is going to become the most spectacular cargo bike on the planet. Will it become the ultimate party bike with an impressive sound system? Maybe a mobile movie theater, where you can premier your own movies in a forest over a pedaling distance? Or maybe you'll just combine the two with a fridge and barbecue! Because hey, why not?

Now it's just up to you to impress us, and remember to do it by December 4th! Box Bike Helsinki steering group will choose the winning team.

Download here the application instructions and rules of Box Bike Helsinki.

Box Bike Helsinki goals

Box Bike Helsinki is in its essence a bicycle themed environmental education project, and Nature League of Finland is an environmental NGO. From this point of view we set the following goals:

1) We want to make the world of bicycles and tinkering with them more accessible to young citizens of Helsinki, and at the same time show them that cycling is the most fun, environmentally sound and, in so many cases, also the quickest way to get around the city.

2) By taking part in the bicycle maintenance course, we teach the team members how to keep the new cargo bike in good working order even years after the project has ended. They will use the same skills to keep also their own bikes in good shape. And just maybe, start teaching their own friends.

3) By participating in our tailored course in cyclist's traffic education, the team members will learn or review their skills. We think it is vital for all of us cyclists out there, young or old, to know our legal rights and duties when we share the streets with cars and pedestrians.

Frequently asked questions

Why do choose only one team to build a bike?

Box Bike Helsinki is a pilot project, which means we're doing this for the first time. When you're doing things for the first time, you might come across all sorts of unexpected challenges. That is why we begin with just one team, and see how it goes. If the project becomes a HUGE succcess and people start asking for more, then we might take on more teams. It would be fun to have the teams take on each other in a series of challenges when their bikes are finished. .

Why can only 13-20-year-old residents of Helsinki apply?

An excellent question! The project is largely funded by the City of Helsinki's Youth department, which is the main reason we focus on teenagers living in Helsinki. Our partner associations and bicycle companies also operate mainly in Helsinki.

Can also girls apply?

Of course! We strongly encourage you to form as diverse a team you possibly can. Have a 13-year-old and a 20-year-old and have girls and boys in the team. That way you can make sure you have all kinds of different ideas, points of view and experiences to work with if you win and when you start designing the bike.

You didn't find an answer to your question?

Please email your question to boxbikehelsinki(at)gmail.com, and we will have you an answer as soon as possible!

About us?

Box Bike Helsinki -project is run by its designer, Nature League of Finland Uusimaa District's Markus Seppälä as the project manager. The projects steering group members are Nature Leagues Petro Pynnönen, Helsinki Cyclists' chairman Matti Kinnunen member of the board Timo Hast, The Bike Workshop's activists Jussi Peltokangas ja Aki Virén and from the City of Helsinki Youth Department, youth worker Anu Lindberg.

The cargo bike will be designed and built in Anton Krylovs ja Henri Tikkanen's bicycle shop and workshop HUG Bikeshop in Kamppi, Helsinki. Technical support in designing the bike will be provided by Ringo Puurtinen a student in industrial design.

The parts needed, welding and paintjob for the finished build will the domain of Fillari Helsinki -workshop's Nick Power ja Pasi Järvenpää. Pasi is also responsible for the outstanding Box Bike Helsinki -logo.

Nature League's Uusimaa district is an environmental NGO. We use environmental education methods to teach children and youths to be inspired by nature and its different species and wonders so they will value and fight for it in the future. We organise nature camps, afternoon clubs, events and other year-round activies for children, teenagers and the whole family

Helsinki Cyclists works for the good of cycling and cyclists in Helsinki by lobbying for better cycling infrastructure, actively organizing many cycling themed activities like club and fitness rides, cycling trips and mass bike commuting to work to the city centre.

"The Bike Workshop" is a free-for-all DIY bike kitchen in Kalasatama, Helsinki. You can come by and fix or build your own bike with all the tools, spare parts and advice you'll need.

The Youth Department of the City of Helsinki produce, in collaboration with the youth, a variety of cultural and recreational services, promote young people's public participation and provide young people with support and advice.

Contact us

Box Bike Helsinki / Nature League of Finland's Uusimaa district

Mechelininkatu 36 A

00260 Helsinki, Finland

Telephone calls to Finland (Markus Seppälä): +358 44 3069 546

Email: boxbikehelsinki(at)gmail.com

Please discover us in social media:

In Snapchat we go by "boxbikehelsinki".